Halloween Bags!!

This post is better late than never, but I wanted to make mention of some special projects I made at the request of my sister-in-law.  For Halloween, yes the Halloween that occurred six months ago, I was asked to make some special Trick-or-Treat bags.  My sister-in-law wanted a special candy bag because it reminded her of her childhood and because let’s be honest, a pillowcase only goes so far.  This project allowed me to perfect my applique techniques and also create some unique Halloween characters.  Also, I tried out a few different methods for creating the bags and got to pick out and use some very cute Halloween patterned fabrics.

Halloween Bags-4

After creating the initial bags and characters I knew I just had to personalize them with their names.  That was pretty simple enough and definitely made for a great finishing touch.  After creating these bags for my sister-in-law I ended up creating five more for another family that thought they would make a great addition to their Halloween repertoire.  The final result is a set of characters that can be combined and picked to allow everyone to have their own unique bag; we all know how the kids don’t want the same thing.  I was very happy with how these bags turned out, happy enough that I now offer them on the website for purchase.

Halloween Bags-12

In other related news, I also sewed my daughter’s Halloween costume.  As one might image, Frozen is in… thus I present Olaf and Marshmellow:

20141031-Trick or Treat 2014-9

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